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Cycle Tours

Rolling Gnocchi
Bread & Butter Bicycle Tour
Coffee Bean Roast ’n’ Ride

To book bicycle tours, contact 0439 488 378

Rolling Gnocchi
First Sundays of the warmer months
Dates available for groups of 6 or more
$135 per person
Bike hire available
Learn the secrets of Italian pasta making and sample delicious local fare on this 10km cycle tour of Myrtleford. We’ll prepare gnocchi in a dedicated kitchen at Delizie Café Deli then work up an appetite visiting local Pedal to Produce providers, collecting more delicious food & wine for our feast. Most cycling is along the fabulous Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. Tour includes hands-on pasta making, morning tea, lunch, food & wine tastings, secret recipes and local tour guide.

Bread & Butter Bicycle Tour
Dates available for groups of 6 or more
$135 per person
Bike hire available
Reward your pedalling with freshly made bread & butter plus local food & wine - delicious! Our first activity is to prepare the bread dough in a dedicated kitchen at Delizie Café Deli. Once kneaded and left to rise, we’ll have morning tea then ride 10km along the fabulous Murray to Mountains Rail Trail to local Pedal to Produce providers.  Meanwhile, the bread dough has risen and been baked, ready for our feast. Tour includes hands-on bread making, morning tea, lunch, food & wine tastings and local tour guide.

Coffee Bean Roast ’n’ Ride
Dates available for groups of 6 or more
$115 per person
Bike hire available
Combine your passion for cycling and coffee on this short cycle tour of picturesque Myrtleford. We’ll kick start with a bean roasting session at Coffee Chakra, where you will learn how to transform green beans into a unique Bicycle Blend. Morning tea at the café will fuel our onward 10-15km ride to nearby Pedal to Produce food & wine providers, finishing with a luncheon of local fare. Most cycling is along the fabulous Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. Tour includes a take home bag of freshly-roasted rainforest alliance beans plus morning tea, lunch, food & wine tastings and local tour guide.

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Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Myrtleford Chamber of Commerce

Alpine Shire


Bicycle Network

International Bicycle Fund

On The Net

Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery (comic strip)

Momentum Magazine (Smart Living by Bike)

Cyclelicious (USA Based Cycling News and Advocacy)

The Fixed Gear Gallery (Photo Collection of Fixed Gear Bikes)

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Bike Repair

Our Repair Philosophy:  Never replace when you can repair. 

We will find the very smallest part that doesn't function on your bike and fix that rather than replacing whole systems.  This is for two reasons: 1 to save the customer as much money as possible and 2, to reduce the amount of waste in the world.

Complete transparency is the goal in every repair.  What needs to be done and why will be explained thoroughly and in plain language.  All worn parts are returned to the owner of the bike unless otherwise requested.

The owner of the bike decides if it's worth fixing.  Many bike stores refuse to work on department store bikes.  Their reasoning is that a repair that is equal to the cost of the bike isn't worth doing.  This doesn't take into account sentimental value.  Some folks just plain love their bikes regardless of quality.  We get this, hell, we might as well admit it: "Hi, we're Claire and Steve and we LOVE our bikes." We will give you as accurate an estimate for repair as we're able to and if you say "Go for it." we'll fix your $200 bike with the same care and attention we would use on a $2000 one.

We also believe in doing the job once and doing it right even if that takes a little longer.  For example, we use torque wrenches (tools that measure how much force is being put on a bolt or nut) whenever possible to ensure that fittings are tightened correctly and consistently.  This takes longer because there are hundreds of different torque values for the various parts and different brands of parts on a bike.

Repair Services Offered:

Bottom Bracket Adjustments
Bottom Bracket Replacement
Brake Alignment
Brake Cable and Housing Replacement
Cassette Replacement
Chain Line Error Adjustment
Chain Replacement
Cog Replacement
Cup and Cone Bearing Adjustments
Derailleur Adjustment
Derailleur Cable and Housing Replacement
Disc Brake Rotor Alignment
Fixed Gear Conversions
Frame Alignment
Freehub Repair
Freewheel Repair and Replacement
Freewheel Replacement
Head tube Milling
Headset Replacement
Hub Servicing
Inner Tube Puncture Repair
Precision Spoke Tension Balancing
Rim Dent Repair
Sealed Bearing Removal and Replacement
Single Speed Conversions
Tyre Puncture Repair
Wheel Building
Wheel Truing

Bike Fitting

Every customer who purchases a bike will be measured free of charge in order to get the right size frame. They will also have their pelvic bone width measured to ensure a correct width saddle. Many who try cycling for the first time soon give it up because it's too uncomfortable. Riding a properly fitted bike shouldn't be any more uncomfortable than sitting on a chair.

Upgrade fitting sessions to ensure maximum comfort, efficient pedalling and the protection of joints and tendons are available for a fee. The customer's bike is placed on a stationary trainer and measurement and adjustment of leg and arm extension is undertaken. Rider flexibility is also tested.

Bike Rentals

We have a fleet of hire bicycles perfect for exploring Myrtleford and the Rail Trail.  These bikes are set up for comfortable riding and we will help fit you to the best size.  BYO helmet or use one of our complimentary lids, available in a range of sizes for adults and children.  Hire cost for a single bike is $35 for 24 hours.  Multi-day hire is available.  We recommend calling to make a booking for busy periods - ph. 03 5752 1511.

For children, we have some smaller bikes as well as a baby seat, bike trailer (seats 1 child) and a trail-a-bike for little tackers. The baby seat is affixed to a special rack on the back of one of our rental bikes.  The trail-a-bike is a tag along attachment for an adult's bike that the child sits on and pedals at their leisure (no, it doesn't help the adult's pedalling!). The baby seat rents for $20 per day and the trailer and the trail-a-bike are $25 daily.

Cycle Training

We believe that cycling is a safe and effective form of everyday transportation. If cycling alongside motor vehicles is not appealing to you, we can help you overcome those fears. Claire is a certified effective cycling instructor and can teach adults and children skills to cycle confidently and competently in traffic. She has also taught children with special needs how to cycle, which is incredibly satisfying for both the child and their parents. Contact us to discuss a suitable course.

Group Rides

Cycling with friends is a fun way to share stories and advice with other bike loving folk. We can facilitate riding groups based on interest from our customers. Get involved!


Bicycle Brands Shimano parts [Shimano] BBB Tools BBB Parts





Bottom brackets,

Pedal Wrench,
Chain Breaker,
Chain Whip,
Freewheel Remover,
Cassette Lockring tool,
Hook Spanner,
Hex Wrenches,

Drop Bars,
Riser Bars,
Flat Bars,
Trekking Bars.

Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories:

Road and Mountain Bike Tyers, Road and Mountain Bike Inner Tubes, Thorn Resistant Inner Tubes, Road Bike Saddles, Mountain Bike Saddles, Gel Saddles, Comfort Saddles.


Rain Jackets, Padded Shorts, High Visibility Jackets, High Visibility Vests, Cycling Gloves, Men's Cycling Jerseys, Men's Cycling Shorts, Women's Cycling Jerseys, Women's Cycling Shorts, Bicycle Helmets, Full Face Helmets.


Our Stories


My love affair with the bicycle first became obvious when my tricycle was taken away from me at age 7 for freewheeling through the stop sign at the bottom of a hill. I'm not sure I've ever recovered from that loss. Since that traumatic event I've never been without a bike. My first adult bike was a metallic green Apollo ten-speed I bought as a teenager, which I promptly destroyed in a head-on collision with a concrete drainage block. That event and others like it meant that the only way I could afford to keep a bike was to do my own repairs.

Through school and Uni I kept riding and maintaining my own bikes. I continued on even after I began earning enough to afford a car. I continued even after moving to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where it gets as cold as -38 Celsius and winter lasts 8 months. Claire and I met because of our interest in bicycles and we had bike races at our wedding.

Over the years I've explained this bicycle addiction in many ways: It's cheap. It's good for me. It's good for the environment. I like to eat cake (perhaps the most valid reason).

In the end it's all of these things and something more. Something about getting around purely under one's own power is immensely satisfying and after almost 30 years on a bike I still love it.

That love led to a part time jobs building and repairing bikes for a bike share program ( and to a full time job teaching folks how to fix their own bikes at a community bike shop ( These jobs lead me to get professionally trained in bicycle mechanics and bike fitting at Barnett's Bicycle Institute ( And finally when my lovely Australian wife Claire led me back to her homeland it made sense to buy or start a bike store.

We chose Myrtleford and the Myrtleford Cycle Centre because of the beauty of the area, its closeness to Claire's parent's farm and its proximity to Murray and to the Mountains Rail Trail. It also didn't hurt that everyone we've met in Myrtleford, from Sam the previous owner of the MCC to the folks who made our lunch in the deli, were friendly and welcoming.


It was during a family holiday to Lord Howe Island that I learned how to cycle. With a limited number of locals permitted to drive vehicles there, tourists like us rented bikes to get around and explore the island. I was already 7 or 8 at the time so it took a very short time to get my balance and pedal alone. To be precise, I remember completing two small circles by myself on a flat, grassy area before my mum said "okay, let's go".

Now, if you have been to Lord Howe Island or can deduce that a landmass in the Pacific Ocean is volcanic in origin, you know that there are steep mountains. Perhaps braking technique was not fully explained or perhaps I simply panicked however the first descent ended in tears when I chose to ride into a tree rather than continue bombing out of control down the hill. At least there is a lovely photo of Mum tenderly drying my eyes with a handkerchief to mark my first cycling crash.

Notwithstanding that auspicious beginning, I embraced cycle commuting during high school and have commuted, toured, worked as a messenger and raced on a bicycle. When I left Australia to travel in 1998, I took my bike with me and we both returned ten years later, having acquired a loving husband, beautiful daughter plus several other bikes in my fleet.

I spent a significant amount of that time abroad working professionally for the City of Edmonton in Canada ( as a transportation engineer responsible for the cycling program. This entailed planning and designing cycling routes and multi-use trails as well as developing an array of supporting infrastructure for cyclists. This included cycling maps, bike parking, cycling education and a month long festival of bike events. I also did a weekly bicycle traffic report on community radio, which is how I met Steve. I didn't mean to stay away so long but I would not have stayed if I did not enjoy it and I also quickly learned how to cycle in frigid conditions!

Taking over Myrtleford Cycle Centre, I have not totally left my active transportation career behind as I have some casual work lined up with a cycling and pedestrian oriented consulting firm in Melbourne, and I hope to work with the local councils to expand cycling amenities throughout the region. I am excited to be now living in the Myrtleford area, which offers us plenty of cycling opportunities plus a relaxed lifestyle and distinct hot and cold seasons. We chose to live a little out of Myrtleford close to the Rail Trail so that we can enjoy a beautiful commute to the shop and other businesses in town. Okay, truthfully it was also to ensure that we keep cycling enough to counteract the amount of cake that we like to eat.


Some businesses have a mascot or shop cat that their patrons get to know. We have a daughter, Emlyn, who was born in July 2007 that our customers can watch grow. Keep an eye on the shop window for Em's art.

As a toddler, Emlyn spent many hours in her Chariot trailer (marvellous for towing kids, groceries and other paraphernalia) and she now is on her fourth bike, a 20" named Glamourama. By the way, Claire was riding - slowly - her cruiser bike the day before going into labour and credits cycling as helping her quick postpartum recovery.

Our Bikes

We adore our fleet of bicycles and shipped them with us when we moved to Australia from Canada. Steve rides an Xtra Cycle cargo bike, a Coventry Eagle fixed gear bike, a Specialised Allez road bike, a Marin Eldridge Grade mountain bike, a 1962 Superbe cruiser and a Brompton folding bike. Claire rides a Trek MTB XC commuter bike, a Proctor Townsend road bike (hand made in Edmonton), a Cannondale F400 mountain bike and a Brompton folding bike. Miraculously, she gave away to worthy friends two bikes when they left Edmonton! Emlyn enjoys being towed in her Burley Lite and Chariot Cougar trailers, and has a spiffy pink and blue push-along trike.


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